The Butchery
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It’s amazing how many people are still surprised to see a woman butchering - when so many typical male oriented jobs are now proudly boasting that they have females amongst their ranks. There are now many more women working in the trade, such as myself.

I grew up loving and looking after the animals on the farm and have been butchering since I was
11 years old, having been taught by my Dad, Tony. I’m now 26 but by no means know all there is to butchering, as there is always something I can improve on or a new, quicker and better way of doing it.

Also, with our multi-national country, there are many more people asking for cuts of meat that they get in their own country and can’t find here in our supermarkets. This often throws up surprises, as all animal carcasses are the same from country to country but our way of cooking and cutting is so very different. We have ready-cut joints available, but can also cut to your specific requirements while you wait. The bacon is freshly sliced, so keeps that amazing flavour and texture.

Mum and I are always happy to advise on the ideal cuts for you and have a wealth of knowledge on how to cook them to give the best result.