The Farm History













Tony Dockerill's family has been farming in Cambridgeshire for generations. His mother was one of the Sharp family in Wilburton, who had an extraordinary event take place in 1900 - one of their cows gave birth to 5 calves, seen in the old photo above! People came from far and wide to see the calves, so they charged them 6d each and, with this money, managed to repair their barn.

Tony grew up in Sawston and had pigs in the back garden. As a boy he reared rabbits, progressed to chickens and then Tony started working with his dad keeping pigs and that what started the farm.

Tony trained as a butcher during his National Service and came back to Sawston in 1955.
The land that is now Common Lane Farm was originally owned by some of the pubs in Sawston when they were coaching inns and they needed fields to graze and rest their horses. Tony bought several of these fields in 1956 and, amongst other jobs, worked on the by-pass to fund the building of a house. It took him 7 years!

In 1968 there was severe flooding in this area - The army came to help move the animals to higher ground and by mistake pulled the brand new cattle truck into the ditch. (See photo above).

Before they started selling meat to the public, a butcher from Adkins used to come and butcher the meat on the kitchen table. But when he retired, Tony decide to do a hygiene course and, using the skills learnt during his National Service, started butchering the meat himself.

By 1986 Ann & Tony were selling frozen meat direct to the public on Saturdays. This soon expanded to selling fresh meat and eggs laid by their own chickens.